New Lady B Collection

Eva from Justbecreation is a girl you love to hate. She really is! 

Not only is she beautiful, she also creates stunning jewelry. 

And Eva just launched a new collection of her brand, Lady B. You can order them here, but I'd suggest you to hurry up (I'm an inch away of ordering everything)!

I'll leave the closing words to her:

"You don't need to wear fabulous clothes if you have the small touch that changes everything..."

After the break, you can see some of my favorites pieces.


2 commentaires:

  1. Marie a dit…:

    I love it!!!! I already bought some things and i'll have the killer ring on the pic soon!!! :D I think she is very talented!

  1. Eva a dit…:

    Yeeeeey !! I love that you love it!
    Thank you gorls <3

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