Do or don't?

I fell in love with these shoes on Asos. But I'm hesitating. Don't think they will be very easy to match with an outfit. Help me out here. Yes or No?


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  1. miiniibeauty a dit…:

    Moi je l'ai aime bien en photo. Apres je les voient mal portées. Mais peut etre qu'avec une super tenue ca peut le faire.

  1. Shanah a dit…:

    Well, for me it's a no-go

  1. Mamzelle KitKat a dit…:

    It depends on few factors I would say ... the price, your budget and you've got in your dressing. I think they can match with a lot of your stuff.

    How many pairs of similar low peep toes boots do you already have ?

  1. Psycho a dit…:

    Si on peut parler dans un bon français plutôt que dans un anglais moyen, je dirais : fonce !

  1. Stiene S. a dit…:

    I agree they are not easy to match, I wouldn't buy them :)

  1. Kate 100% Coton a dit…:

    Je suis pas convaincue moi...

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