Mel's inspiration

Some pictures that inspire me !

Alexa Chung and her faux fur coat

This Oh so bling gold nailpolish is to die for !

The cape coat of the beautifull Garance Doré !

I'm really thinking about making a new tattoo !

And you girls what inspire you at the moment ???

By Mel

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  1. Fashion Fabrice a dit…:

    I ADORE the gold nailpolish!!
    Great blog! im happy i ran into it!

    maybe you want to become followers?

  1. La photo avec Garance est magnifique!!!!

  1. Alexandra Amico a dit…:

    love this!

  1. Henar a dit…:

    wow, great inspiration pics!!! I love that golden nail polish too! Does anybody know where can I get a similar one??? It's amazing!!!!
    Great post!!


  1. Eva a dit…:

    J'aime bcp la derniere photo :) !!
    je m'inspire de ce genre de photos d'ailleurs.

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